Schunk Sinter Metals Applications

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Automotive Applications
Non-Automotive Applications

Leading manufacturers in the automobile and automotive supplier industries trust our technological competence. "Schunk inside" stands for safety, quality and reliability - our customers know this. That's why they have been placing their trust in us for many years.

Our parts help our customers to manufacture more efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly engines. In the field of powertrain technology, we produce various sintered parts for drives, camshafts, fuel- injection systems, valve controls, turbochargers and pumps, just to name a few applications.

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Guide ring for oil pump

Adjustment ring

Rotor for oil pump

Rotor for oil pump

Coupling for vacuum pump

Cam ring for oil pump

Timing pulley for diesel pump drive

Timing pulley for water pump drive

Timing pulley for pump drive

Vane piston for camshaft adjuster

Rotor for camshaft adjuster

Stator with sprocket for camshaft adjuster

Stator without sprocket for camshaft adjuster

Sprocket for crankshaft adjuster

Timing pulley wheel for camshaft adjuster

Timing pulley wheel for camshaft adjuster

Locking disc for camshaft adjuster

Spring adapter for camshaft

Sensor ring/sensor wheel for camshafts

Timing pulley for crankshafts

Helical gears for the balance shaft

Injector holder in the area of the injection system

Guide block for variable valve control

Balancing weight

Rocker arm bearing block

Roller for turbochargers

Helical output gear

Sintered structural parts for brake systems

Armature for ABS brake system

Eccentric ring for ABS braking system

Output gear for electric mirror adjuster

Cam part, wedge disc, pressure plate for steering systems

End stop for seat adjustment systems

Outer ring for seat-adjustment systems

Sintered structural parts for front seat tilt mechanism

Sintered structural parts for seat-height adjustment

Blades for belt retractors

Toothed pinion for the gear unit of the belt retractor

Toothed lock washer for belt retractor

Toothed lock ring for belt tightener

Armature pole core, plate for sensors/actuators

Armature, pole disc for sensors / actuators

Pole core, piston for sensors/actuators

Actuator lever for wastegate turbochargers

Adjustment part for VTG turbochargers

Guide piece for turbochargers

Coupling rod for VTG turbochargers

Adjustment ring for VTG turbochargers

Two-component adjustment pin for turbochargers

Baseplate for power steering

Carrier for power steering

Housing for variable valve timing

Hubs for water pumps

Lever for transmission

Sintered bearings for windshield wipers

Sintered bearings for electric motors