Development and Innovation

Schunk Sinter Metals – your development partner for product-, material- and process innovations

Schunk Sinter Metals is at your service – from the initial idea through large-scale production, as a development partner and serial supplier.


The development team at Schunk Sinter Metals focusses on creating cost efficient and innovative products and processes and strives to be a dependable development partner working side-by-side with our customers. Our highest objective is to quickly recognize future customer requirements and to transform the developed products into meticulously tested and process-reliable serial production. 

We continuously work on the development and optimization of new product, material and process innovations. These include increasing the performance of the materials as well as the efficiency of the methods used for manufacturing our parts.  

We face the challenge of our customers demands and pursue continual development with respect to: 

  • Geometry
    • Complexity
    • Accuracy and narrow tolerances (without/with mechanical reworking)
    • Weight optimization
  • Component strength
  • Technical cleanliness
  • Customized materials (heat resistant, highly-wear resistant, magnetically soft)
    • Alloys not producible with melting-metallurgical methods
    • SMC – Soft Magnetic Compsites
    • 2-component materials/2-component MIM
    • Titanium aluminide – MIM
  • Process
    • Process optimization – process reliability – LeanSigma
    • Continuous improvement
    • Zero-defect philosophy 

In addition to working closely together with our customers and suppliers, we also do so with universities and research institutes.  

We have at our disposal all modern analysis and measurement methods in our own laboratories as well as a chemistry and physics laboratory.