One Specialist – Two Technologies

The technique of sintering is at the same time one of the oldest, yet also one of the most innovative, branches of metallurgy

The molding of metal powder, hardening by sintering and subsequently carrying out finishing work on the sintered parts is a method which offers convincing advantages when compared to ordinary methods. Sintered parts provide an extremely high degree of dimensional accuracy, even for complex geometries. The range of materials and material compositions which can be used is very extensive. The spectrum runs from ordinary iron powder to heat-resistant and highly wear resistant materials. Alloys which are not feasible for melting metallurgical methods can also be used.

Axial Pressing Technology

Precision across the board – sintered structural parts and sintered bearings from Schunk Sinter Metals

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Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

MIM – a production method with (almost) no limits

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